Come hear us talk about our vision of Free Software!

Logikon Labs, sponsored by the The Greek Free / Open Source Software Society,  will be presenting its case for setting up a high-tech company using only FOSS, at Technopolis City of Athens for the INNOVATHENS hub, on May 22nd 2014.

“Setting up an innovative high-tech company using exclusively Free / Open Source Software: Possibilities, challenges, hardships.”
(the presentation will be made in Greek)

The presentation’s main theme is how to set up an innovative high-tech company using exclusively Free / Open Source Software (FOSS). We will offer FOSS solutions regarding the software that is needed in any office environment, but we will also showcase specialized FOSS solutions for designing and developing software and hardware systems.

The presentation will be based on the case study of our company, Logikon Labs: a Greek innovative high-tech company that offers design and development services in the field of embedded systems (electronics and software) for aerospace, scientific, and industrial applications.

The presentation will be open to all, and will be followed by an open discussion regarding FOSS.

You should be there if

  • You are thinking of setting up your own company and would like to explore the possibility of doing it using FOSS
  • You are interested in hardware design and development, but you are afraid of the high cost of hardware startups
  • You are interested in developing embedded software
  • You are interested in FOSS and would like to see a real-world case study

The event will be open to all. We will be waiting for you on May 22nd, 18:00 at the Technopolis City of Athens (INNOVATHENS hub, building D4, Aeriofilakio 2). How to reach Technopolis.

Update after the event: You can download Logikon Labs’ presentation (in Greek) here: Logikon Labs @ INNOVATHENS 2014.


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